KingPo CEO invited to the 83rd International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) General Assembly

2021-05-08 06:48:07
  1. The 83rd IEC Congress will be held in Shanghai from 14 to 25 October 2019, the third IEC Congress hosted by our country since 1990 and 2002. There will be more than 2,500 Chinese and foreign experts and representatives from more than 80 countries, including about 2000 foreign representatives. At the 83rd IEC Congress, the theme was "Quality for a better life ", which aims to build consensus through the Congress, and countries work together to promote standardization to play a greater role in improving the quality of life and building a community of human destiny.

  2. IEC is a professional advisory body to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and an observer to the Committee on WTO Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO/TBT Committee), currently in contact with some 200 international organizations. IEC formulated more than 10,000 international standards, in global trade and global governance play an important role in technical regulation, known as the "pass" of international trade.ISO80369 Testing Equipment,Luer Gauge,ISO80369 Gauge,ISO5356 Gauge

  3.       KingPo is a testing equipment manufacturer with good reputation in China.

  4.      Worldwide clients come to us for good quality and reasonable price, include TUV Rheiland (Austria,Germany, France, UK, Japan, Malaysia, India...,TUV SUD(USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, India....),BV ,UL, SGS, CSA , .......

  5. By virtue of our technical team's in-depth study of IEC standards, we have been serving the implementation of standards, suggestions and the manufacture of experimental equipment customers more convenience

  6. ISO80369 Testing Equipment,Luer Gauge,ISO80369 Gauge,ISO5356 Gauge