Mask Virus Filtration Efficiency VFE Detector With High Brightness Color Touch Screen

Mask Virus Filtration Efficiency VFE Detector With High Brightness Color Touch Screen

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KP-1000A mask virus filtration efficiency (VFE) detector

Product introduction

KP – 1000A mask the virus filtration efficiency (VFE) detector as the main performance index conforms to YY/T1497-2016 medical respirator material virus filtration efficiency evaluation phi-x174 phage test method, with double pneumatic contrast sampling method at the same time, improve the precision of sampling, applicable to the metrological verification department, research institutes, mask manufacturing enterprises and other relevant departments on the virus filtration efficiency of performance testing.

Execution standard

YY/T1497-2016 Evaluation of virus filtration efficiency of medical respirator materials by phi-x174 phage test method

Related intellectual property

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Technical characteristics

  • Negative pressure test system to ensure the safety of operators;

  • Built - in peristaltic pump in negative pressure cabinet, A and B - way liquid impact sampler;

  • The peristaltic pump flow can be set;

  • The spray flow rate of special microorganism aerosol generator can be set and the atomization effect is good.

  • Embedded high speed industrial microcomputer control;

  • 10.4 inches industrial high brightness color touch screen;

  • USB interface, support U disk data storage;

  • Cabinet built-in high brightness lights;

  • Cabinet built-in ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp;

  • Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators;

  • The inner layer of the cabinet is made of stainless steel. The outer layer is sprayed with plastic and cold rolled.

  • The front switch type glass door is convenient for the experimenter to observe and operate.Detachable bracket, adjustable bracket height;Supporting and moving dual purpose casters.

Technical indicators

The main parametersparametersresolutionMaximum permissible error
Sampling flow of route A(5-35)L/min0.1L/min±2.5%
Sampling flow of route B(5-35)L/min0.1L/min±2.5%
Spray flow(6~8)L/min0.1L/min±5.0%
Peristaltic pump flow(0.006~3.0)mL/min0.001ml/min±2.5%
Front pressure of flow meter A(-50~0)kPa0.01kPa±2.5%
Front pressure of flow meter B(-50~0)kPa0.01kPa±2.5%
Spray flowmeter front pressure(0~300)kPa0.1kPa±2.5%
Negative chamber pressure(-90~-120)Pa0.1Pa±2.0%
Working temperature(0~50)℃
chamber negative pressure(-50~-200)Pa
Data storage capacity>100000groups
Hepa filter characteristicsFiltration efficiency of particles above 0.3um≥99.99%
Median mass diameter of aerosol generatorMean particle diameter (3.0±0.3)μm,Geometric standard deviation≤1.5
Fog chamber specifications(length600× diameter85×thick 3)mm
Negative pressure tank ventilation flow≥5m3/min
Negative pressure cupboard door size(length1000×wide730)mm
Size of the host(length1180×wide650×high1300)mm
Stent size(length1180×wide650×high600)mm,Height adjustable within 100mm
Working powerAC220V±10%,50Hz
Instrument noise<65dB(A)
The weightAbout 250kg
The machine power consumption<1500W