50Hz Electrical Safety Test Equipment Respirator Resistance Detector

50Hz Electrical Safety Test Equipment Respirator Resistance Detector

  • Model:

Zr-1210model respirator resistance detector

Product introduction

Zr-1210 respirator resistance tester is used to measure the inspiratory and expiratory resistance of the mask under specified conditions.It is applicable to the inspection and inspection of mask products by mask manufacturers and national labor protection equipment inspection institutions.

Executive standard

GB 2626-2019 Respiratory protective self-absorption filter respirator against particulate matter

Technical characteristics

High definition LCD liquid crystal display;

Electronic flowmeter, high flow control precision;

Automatic constant current control, automatic sample qualification;

Two modes of breath detection and breath detection can be set.

Large capacity data storage, real-time storage of detection data;

Can be exported through the U disk or thermal printer to print historical data;

Parameters such as pressure difference and sample number can be set;

Automatic protection for fault detection.

Technical indicators

main parametersparametersresolutionMaximum permissible error
test flow(85±1)L/min0.1L/min±1%
Pressure range±1000Pa0.1Pa±1%
Data storage500groups
Working powerAC 220V±10% 50Hz
Overall dimensions(W×D×H)(335×280×255)mm
Host weightAbout11kg
Host power consumption<80W