Computer Control Mode Mask Resistance Tester Timing Accuracy 0.1s

Computer Control Mode Mask Resistance Tester Timing Accuracy 0.1s

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Mask resistance tester

1.Test standard: yy0469-2011 medical surgical mask
Differential pressure tester is used for pressure difference detection of surgical masks. The equipment is equipped with software, which can display pressure curve in real time, output test report and save test data. Meet the test standard yy0469-2011 surgical mask 5.7. YY/ t0969-2010, ventilation resistance 5.6

2. Features of equipment
1. The equipment is equipped with an air pump to simulate artificial respiration.
2. The detector is equipped with positive pressure sensor, which is used to collect the pressure of test data and reflect it to the computer software.
3. The pressure has a non-polar adjustable function, and the technical parameters such as the pressure holding time can be set.

3.Technical parameters of the tester
1. Flowmeter range: 8L/min.
2. Control mode: computer.
3. The micromanometer has a measuring range of 0-500pa and an accuracy of 1pa.
4. Timing accuracy: 0.1s.

Technical parameters

FundamentalThe vacuum pump was used to simulate breathing, and the pressure difference was tested.

Test pressure0-500pa
Microgauge range0-500pa,the accuracy is 1pa.
Pressure resolution1Pa
Time accurancy0.1s
Test mediumair
Control methodcomputer
Flow rate8L/min
Scope of applicationsurgical mask

Configuration list

Pressure sensorunit1佛山一众
Flowmeterpcs1According to the flow
Casepcs1Aluminium profile
Positive pressure bumppcs1Simulated human exhalation
Neddle valvepcs2Regulated flow
Electric applianceset1Chint Group
Decompression valvepcs1Manual pressure