UL859 Temperature Measuring Device For Hair Dryer IEC 60855 Clause 6.5.2 And Figure 2-4

UL859 Temperature Measuring Device For Hair Dryer IEC 60855 Clause 6.5.2 And Figure 2-4

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The air duct temperature test system is a professional test equipment for the electric hair dryer (air duct) in working condition

It meets the requirements of ul859 international safety standard. The system is installed in the computer and connected with rs-23s / USB interface

The data can be tested through the interface panel. Windows interface design is easy to use, when buying the system will include

The software can start the test, obtain the test data, and demonstrate and analyze the data in real time,

It can be used for 24-hour automatic test. This system has been used in USA, Italy, Holland, Germany, Australia and Singapore

It is widely used in many famous large-scale laboratories such as Poe, UK and so on.

The characteristic of the data acquisition instrument of the air duct temperature life test system is that it can measure up to 60 points of temperature at the same time

The collection, customers can computer 60 point temperature of all kinds of chart analysis, data collection, the hottest air duct

Five point temperature position display, and you can see the whole test surface outline temperature display, these are different

What we can't do with the acquisition instrument is of important technical reference value to the quality evaluation of the air duct, and also the air duct

It is a necessary testing method for the industry, so it is adopted by various large quality inspection institutions

System requirements:

Windows 98, 2000 or XP are required for computer system, but vista system is not compatible

Computers are generally configured with 512 ram and 80g hard disk

Now in the market, the only testing equipment for air duct temperature is Morgan, which is our agent. There is no other brand in the market that can replace it

Hair dryer temperature test system(UL859)

Ul859 hair dryer temperature test system (PC computer package, excluding PC)

one Brand:MORGAN (USA)


3 thermocouple temperature wire model: J type

4 thermocouple wire length: 1.2m

The test system consists of three parts

A ul859 air duct 53 point temperature test target model: tg-53

B 60 channel temperature data acquisition instrument model: tr-60ch

C three dimensional support model: K-01