Industrial Battery Tester Battery Burning Tester Easy Operation KP-8105

Industrial Battery Tester Battery Burning Tester Easy Operation KP-8105

  • Model:

Battery Burning Tester

Product Type:KP-8105

Test Method:

Put the mesh screen above the burner at a distance of 38.1mm.The mesh screen has 20 holes distributed per 25.4mmDiameter steel wire is 0.43mm.Light the burner and observe the circumstance until explosion and burnout.Time burning procedure out.

Aim:burning resistance

Standard basis:

SJ/T11169-1998 UL 1642:2004(2008)),SJ/T11170-1998,UL 2054:2005(2008)),etc


1. Burner:Bunsen burner with internal diameter 9.5mm and approximate length 100mm

2. Burning time:0~ 999.9s±0.1s

3. Hole surface diameter:102mm

4. Mesh screen:20-hole,weaved by 0.43mm(0.017inch) stainless steel wire.

5. Light control:remote wire control with automatic control of process

6. Wire control distance:10 meters without barrier;

7. Height:38mm

8. Tested octagonal mesh screen width:24″(610mm),octagonal,easy to replace and dis-


9. material:aluminum,weaved by aluminum at a diameter of 0.010inch (0.25mm) with 16-18 lattices per inch.

10. Protective chamber:stainless side of toughened glass with thickness of 50m.Exhaust fan and a reserved outlet for external ventilation kort nozzle

11. Machine volume:750*750*1000mm

Standard Configuration:

1. host machine:1 set

2. controller:1 set

3. octagonal mesh screen(installed):1 set4.test mesh:1 pcs

5. test mesh screen:1 pcs

6. instruction:1

7 .warranty ward:1

8. Product Certificate:1