KingPo Battery Testing Machine / Battery Washing Tester With Calibration Certificate

KingPo Battery Testing Machine / Battery Washing Tester With Calibration Certificate

  • Model:

Battery Washing Testing Machine


Production Application:

l Hand held electronic products with Lithium-ion Batteries;

l Portable electronic products with Lithium-ion Batteries which may be carried in pocket and used;

l Other portable electronic products with batteries which may be carried in pocket and used;

l Washing test with electronic products that install non-user-replaceable batteries;

Design Principal and Structure Feature:

l Internal chamber:SUS#316 advanced stainless steel;External:Painted steel sheet

l Special washing machine and rotating blade material:SUS#316 stainless steel,strong acid and alkaline resistance and corrosion proof.Equipped with 1 mini battery and 1 large battery(e.g. IPAD used battery);easy to shift.

l The door is equipped with security sensor switch.Under the condition of door opening,power will be forcefully cut off and stop operation to avoid damge caused by non-professional operators and give ultimate protection.

l A washing box with rotating propeller driven by servo motor and servo driver with accurate control of operation speed.

l The washing blade is lifting structure.There are two advantages:1.Washing liquid can be recycled.There is no need of adding water and solution for each test.It spares user trouble of solution ratio and reduces test time for 20-30min;2.When installing the battery,the tester has no need of bending over for installation in the washing tank.Each test can install 4 batteries,which is a more humanistic design.

l The water tank is separated from solution tank.User has no need of adding proportioned solution to washing tank.During test process,when water evaporation leads to water shortage in water tank,the device will pour into proportioned solution from water tank to test chamber,which ensure solution concentration.

l Adopts intelligent P.I.D control.PLC temperature module is Japanese Omron temperature module with accurate control and minimized error.

l Human-machine interface control with scientific and rigorous design and automatic operation.It can run automatically after setting up the program on the surface.Under the industry condition of that a washing test is regarded as a mandatory inspection,it solves the inconvenience and hysteresis of artificial battery washing,which not only greatly increase accuracy and efficiency,but also save energy and labor cost.


l Test chamber temp. range:normal temp.~80℃(adjustable;set arbitrarily),general temp.:45±2℃;

l accuracy:±0.5℃;

l Temp. uniformity:±2℃;

l Inner barrel diameter of washing tank:650 mm * 550 mm;

l Inner barrel depth of washing tank:550 mm;

l Internal dimension(including washing tank):700*700*1000mm (W*D*H);

l mixing:fixed on the rotating device(washing blade) and make it rotating for 0.5h in the solution at the speed of 60r/min;

l Rotating material:SUS#316 stainless steel;

l Internal material:SUS#316 stainless steel;

l Driving system :imported servo motor and servo driver with high accuracy;

l Dehydration speed:remove the solution automatically or manually;the rotating device(washing blade)will work for 10min at the speed of 800r/min(displayed);

l Test time:0-9999H/M/S can be arbitrarily set;

l Temperature control mode:smart P.I.D control ;

l Heating tube power:6KW ;

l Heating pipe material: titanium heating pipe;high temperature and corrosion resistance with long service life;

l Control system:Taiwan Yonghong PLC human-machine interface control,which will finish the test automatically after setting parameters, with reliable performance and high precision modulus.

l Washing solution:make a solution at a pH of 11.0±0.1(can use mass fraction of 0.004% NaOH ) (made by users)

l Soak:fix the sample on the rotating device(washing blade) in solution(300mm±10mm-height from liquid level to battery central position) for 0.5h;keep the solution temperature at(45±2)℃;

l External:painted steel sheet;high temperature resistant layer with insulation wool;

l Device structure:4 universal pulleys and goblets for easily required movement and fixing position.

l External simension:000*1260*2200 mm (L*W*H);

l POwer:AC 380V, 50HZ, 16A (need to be equipped with independent air conditioner);

l Machine power: 6.5KW

External Conditions of use:

1. environmental temperature:-10~30℃

2. environmental humidity:≦60%

3. power supply: three-phase four-wire system,reliable grounding.


1Washing blade(rotating device)materialSUS#316
2PLC human-machine interfaceTaiwan Yonghong
3Servo motor and servo controllerGerman ALPHA
4Heating tubeGuangdong Weide
5Button switchHK AIKS
6Driving screwTaiwan ABBA