Programmable Battery Testing Machine Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber Multi Function

Programmable Battery Testing Machine Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber Multi Function

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Programmable Temperature And Humidity Testing Machine


The programmable temperature and humidity test chamber, known as environmental chamber, is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance. It is suitable for the industries of electron, electrical equipment, vehicle, metal, chemistry, building materials, luggage, adhesion tape, printing, packaging, etc.


Interior Dimension (W×H×D)CM40×50×4050×60×5050×75×6060×85×80100×100×80
Exterior Dimension (W×H×D)CM93×131×81103×141×91108×162×112117×172×132160×187×132
Heating Up SpeedAbout 3℃/min
Cooling Down SpeedAbout 1℃/min
Temp. Range0~150℃, -20~150℃, -40~150℃
Temp. Uniformity±1℃
Humidity Uniformity±2.5%
Temp. Stability±0.1℃
Humidity Stability±2.5%RH
Humidity Range20%~98%RH
Programmable ModeUse high stability platinum temperature resistant materials, LCD Chinese & English touch-screen
Heating SystemSUS#304, stainless steel heater
Humidification SystemSurface evaporative type, enclose protection of hydropenia, interrupt of power supply and superheat for humidifier.
Dehumidification SystemFrozen & latent heat dehumidification method
Cooling SystemAdopt unitary type full-closed air-cool refrigeration system
Water Supply SystemCirculating water supply system, together with hydropenia warning device
Inner & Outer MaterialSUS#304, stainless steel of whole machine
Insulation MaterialRock wool and rigid PU foam thermal insulation
Safety DeviceBreaker, compressor overload, ultra-temperature, power failure, temperature limit protection and fault alarm
Temp. & Humidity RegulationBalance adjustment temperature & humidity method
Standard AccessoriesAutomatic demist glass window, 2 sets of adjustable upper and lower interlayer, test holes, chamber lamp, mobile wheels
Optional AccessoriesGrapher
StandardGB, ISO, ASTM, UL, CEN......
selection reference of the machineTE-150-2E: “2”means the lowest temperature to -20 degree C , “E”shows the model of TEMI 580 controller

Purpose of the controller:

This product measures and controls the ambient temperature and humidity by using the computer technology, and the advanced PID control methods.

Feature of the controller:

  • 1. The display and control interface is clear and intuitive; touch-selection menu, easy to operation, stable and reliable.

  • 2. Flexible Program control , cost-effective.

Technical indicator:

  • 1. Five-inch Color touch screen

  • 2. Two kinds of control mode(fixed value/programmable)

  • 3. Sensor type: PT100 Sensor(electronic sensors are optional)

  • 4. Alarm signal: Four DI external fault alarm

  • 5. Temperature measuring range : -90.00℃--200.00℃, (-90.00℃—300.00℃can be customized); error: ±0.2℃

  • 6. Humidity measuring range: 1.0% - 100% RH, error: ±1%RH (this model can increase the humidity control)

  • 7. Interface language type: Chinese/English

  • 8. With Chinese character input function

  • 9. Multiple signal combined relay output, the signal is available for logical operation.(NOT,AND,OR,NOR,XOR), referred to as PLC Programming Capability

  • 10. Programmable edit: can edit ten groups of programs,and every program can max edit twelve segments


Exterior Dimension (H*W*D)180×120×100(mm)
Mounting-hole Size (H*D)170×110(mm)
TFT Resolution480×272