Battery Testing Machine / Overcharge Explosion Proof Test Chamber 300mm-300mm-300mm

Battery Testing Machine / Overcharge Explosion Proof Test Chamber 300mm*300mm*300mm

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Battery Overcharge Explosion Proof Test Chamber

Alternative nameBattery Overcharge Explosion Proof Test Chamber
FunctionPlace the battery on the test chamber, through over-charging and over- discharging, check whether the battery will explode
TypeThree tanks
Internal space300mm*300mm*300mm
Corresponding test standardIEC 68-2-6(FC), GB2423, JJG189-97, GB/T13309-91


The battery overcharge explosion proof test chamber is used to test safety capability of battery through overcharging and over-discharging in the test chamber, check whether the battery will explode.

The battery will be placed in the explosion- proof chamber, the charging and discharging tester will be connected outside to protect operator and tester.


a. The tester is used for testing overcharging and over-discharging of battery.

b. The tester is divided three layer with three test chamber.

c. Test result is non explosion, no fire, non air leaking, non electrolyte leakage for the qualified battery.


Dimension of each test chamber500*500*500mm (three layer)
MaterialExternal box: A3 steel sheet with baking finish; internal box: SUS#304
DoorSingle door, double opening door made of stainless steel
Observing window5mm tempered glass
Accessories for doorReinforce hinge; explosion proof handle locks

teflon sol cloth sticked 1/3 inside of internal box to anti-erosion

Two round holes for connecting cables on the back with diameter φ50mm

Separate air exhausting outlet for each test box

Exhausting fan for each test box on the back with exhausting tube to connect reinforce exhaust fan outside laboratory

Heat-insulation device for each layer to keep from inter- influencing