High Accuracy Xenon Test Chamber , Weather Testing Equipment 65~98%RH

High Accuracy Xenon Test Chamber , Weather Testing Equipment 65~98%RH

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Xenon Light Weatherable Tester(Insolation Weatherable Tester)

Function Description

KP-XD Xenon Light Weatherable Test is an important means of selecting for-

Mula and optimizing product combination as well as a key part of product quality inspection in scientific research and production;apply material like coating material,plastic material,aluminum-plastic panel,paint,safety glass for automobiles in the test in accordance with standard requirements.

The key factors of causing aging are sunlight and moisture.UV can simulate sunlight effect with fluorescent UV lamp and rainfall and dew with condensation moisture.Put tested material in the cyclic process of sunlight and moisture under certain temperature.UV can recreate the outdoor hazards with several weeks or years using several days or weeks.UV test data can help you choose new materials,transform existing materials and evaluate how formula changes effect durability of new product.

Test method for material

1. Black standard temperature and blackboard temperature:Use the following two temperature for reference in exposure test:65℃±3℃/100℃±3℃.(Note:the higher one is designed for special test).Above temperatures are not necessarily a priority.When the parties concerned reach an agreement by consensus,we can also choose other temperature and make an explanation of it in the test report.If using water spray,keep temperature constant during waterless interval.If the thermometer cannot reach the required temperature,specify the highest temperature during waterless interval.If the exposure device continuously works by the means of substitution,then black standard thermometer measures in the same way.If using blackboard thermometer,specify the type,settlement methods and working temperature.

2. Relative humidity:It should be selected to reach an agreement by consensus.The measured relative humidity inside the cabinet is not necessarily equal to neighbouring relative air humidity.

3. Spray period:It should be decided to reach an agreement by consensus,but it’s better to choose the following:spray time/time:18min±0.5min;waterless interval:102min±0.5min

4. Dark period:test method 1 and 3 are applicable to test with continuous illumination.We can choose a more complicated cycle period in this part like higher relative temperature,increase temperature and generate condensation.Specify detailed conditions during dark period in test report.

Technical Parameter

typeKP-XD standard typeKP-XD intelligent type
Temperature rangeRT+10℃~80℃RT+10℃~80℃
Humidity range65~98%RH65~98%RH
Rain time0~9999min(adjustable)0~9999min(adjustable)
Rain cycle0~240min,adjustable interval0~240min,adjustable interval
Ultraviolet wavelength290nm~800nm290nm~800nm
radiation intensity(290~800nm) 250-1120W/m2(290~800nm) 250-1120W/m2
brand and power of xenon light

6KW,service life:500H(domestic)

water-cooled type and 3KW air-cooled type,service life 1000H

3KW,service life:2000H(domestic)

water-cooled type and1.5KW air-cooled type,service life1200H

Interior dimension950x950x850mm/customized800x8000x800mm/customized
Interior materialadvanced stainless steel sheetSUS304 advanced stainless mirror steel sheet
Exterior materialSUS304# stainless steel /cold rolled plate with plastic spraySUS304#stainless steel /cold rolled plate with plastic spray
Sample rackSpeed of rotation sample basket:5r≤±2/minSpeed of rotation sample basket:≤3r±1/min
distance between sample and light tube480mm effective exposure area 6500cm2375mm effective exposure area 3600cm2
Control&displaytouch screen(domestic)Kunlun Tongtai touch screen/Siemens PLC
observation windowoptical filtering observation window,air evacuation outlet

optical filtering observation window;

harmful gas evacuation outlet

blackboard thermometermonometal blackboard thermometer

Thermometal blackboard thermometer/

imported irradiance meter


Over load protection

over temperature protection,etc

Door open,current leakage protector,

over load/temperature protection;

phase-sequence protection,etc