300W Battery Testing Machine For For Charging / Discharging / Voltage Testing

300W Battery Testing Machine For For Charging / Discharging / Voltage Testing

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BTS-60V5A Standard Power Battery Testing System , Battery Continuous charge ,Battery Forced Discharge

Technical Parameter:

BTS-60V5A Battery tester
Model Number:BTS-60V5ABattery testerMaterial code:CT-4016-60V5A-NTA-P
Input powerAC 380V ±10% / 60Hz
Input active power6278W
resolution ratioAD:16bit;DA:16bit
Input impedance≥100kΩ
voltageConstant voltage range0.3V~60V
Minimum discharge voltage3V
accuracy± 0.1% of FS
stability± 0.1% of FS
currentOutput range/channel0.025A~5A
accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Constant voltage cut-off current0.01A
stability± 0.1% of FS
PowerOutput range/channel300W
stability±0.2% of FS
timeCurrent response timemaximum current rising time20ms
working step time range≤(365*24)h/working step

Data recordRecord data conditionsMinimum time interval:100ms
Minimum voltage interval:120mV
Minimum current interval:10mA
Record frequency10Hz
ChargeCharge modeconstant-current charge,constant-voltage charge,constant voltage and current charge
cut-off conditionsVoltage,current,relative time,capacity,-△V
dischargeDischarge modeconstant current discharge, constant watt discharge
cut-off conditionsVoltage,current,relative time,capacity,-△V
Impulse modeChargeConstant current,Constant power
DischargeConstant current,Constant power
Minimum impulse width500ms
Number of pulsesone single pulse working step can support 32 different pulses
Continuous switch of charge and dischargeone pulse working step can continuously switch from charge to discharge
cut-off conditionsVoltage,relative time
DCIR testSupport customized picking up point to perform DCIR calculation

cycleLoop test range1~65535 times
Single cycle working steps254
Loop nestNested loop function,max 3 layers
Protection● Data Protection
● off-line test
● security conditions can be set including voltage upper/lower limit,current upper/lower limit and delay time
●anti reverse connection
IP Protection ClassIP20
Channel featureconstant current and voltage source ;double closed-loop;
Channel control modeindependent
Current/voltage detection samplingfour-wire connection
data baseMySQL centralized management of test datas
upper computer communication modeTCP/IP
Server disk Configuration500GB
Data output modeEXCEL 2003,2010,TXT
Server operating systemWindows 7
communication interfaceethernet
Working environment requirement
working temp. range0℃~40℃(within25±10℃,ensured accuracy:precision drift0.005% of FS /℃)
Storage temp. range-10℃~50℃
Working environment relative humidity range≤70% RH(no water vapor condensation)
Storage environment relative humidity range≤80% RH(no water vapor condensation)
Clamp specification and size
Clamp typePolymer clamp
Pic300W Battery Testing Machine For For Charging / Discharging / Voltage Testing 0300W Battery Testing Machine For For Charging / Discharging / Voltage Testing 1300W Battery Testing Machine For For Charging / Discharging / Voltage Testing 2
Alligator clampPolymer clampcable feet clamp
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Cabinet size/unit(W*D*H)(mm)30U(24”),730*600*1520
Equipment pic
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Auxiliary channeltypeTemperature,voltage
Temp. range-25℃~110℃
Temp. range±1℃
Temp. resolution ratio0.1℃
Voltage range-5V~5V
Voltage accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Available auxiliary temp.channel/channelcustomized(248 channel at most)
Available auxiliary voltage channel/channelcustomized(248 channel at most)
Protaction condition of Auxiliary channel● security conditions of Auxiliary channel can be set including temperature upper/lower limit,voltage upper/lower limit and delay time,voltage difference of single cell
Note:incompatible with battery that has protection plate with soft start function.