IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester

IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester

  • Model: CS9975-SIW
Use 5.6 inch TFT (640*480) to display the setting parameters and test parameters, and the display content is eye-catching and rich;
 The tester can store the test results in the format of EXCEL table in U;
 Software can be upgraded through U disk;
 Compliance leakage current test Human body network: GB9706.1(IEC60601-1)/GB4793.1(IEC61010-1)/GB4706.1(IEC60335-1)/GB4943.1(IEC60950-1)/
GB8898(IEC60065)/GB7000.1(IEC60598-1)/GB/T12113(IEC60990) standard;
Leakage current provides four detection methods of AC, AC+DC, PEAK, DC;
Provide auxiliary power supply required for medical equipment testing;
Bilingual operation interface in Chinese and English to adapt to the needs of different users;
 Support keyboard lock operation to prevent irrelevant personnel from modifying test parameters;
Support conversion between test files, explanation: when there are many test steps, you can distinguish by file name, which is convenient for parameter adjustment in the later period;
Can be equipped with CS26045Y test box to realize multi-point scanning test;
Support scan code gun function;
 Standard PLC interface, RS232 interface, optional LAN interface, RS485 interface, USB interface.IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester 0IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester 1
IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester 2IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester 3IEC60601 Programmable Leakage Current Tester 4

Leakage current


Precision±(2% reading +2V)
Maximum external isolated power supply6000VA
Current gear20uA, 200uA,2mA,20mA
Detection methodAC,RMS,PEAK,DC
Current upper limit setting00.1uA~20.00mA
Current lower limit setting00.0uA ~Current upper limit
MD Human Network


GB4793.1(IEC61010-1)/ GB4706.1(IEC60335-1)/ GB4943.1(IEC60950-1)/ GB8898(IEC60065)/ GB7000.1(IEC60598-1)/


Voltage rise timeCan not be set
testing time(0.0, 0.3~999.9)s 0=continuous test
Intervals(0.0~999.9)s 0=interval time off

Leakage current meter

Measuring range00.0uA ~ 20.00 mA
Resolution20 uA 档:0.1uA,200 uA 档:0.1uA,2mA 档:1uA,20mA 档:10uA

measurement accuracy

ACI≥5 uA ±(2%rdg+0.5%fs)I≥50 uA ±(2%rdg+0.5%fs)
DCI≥5 uA ±(2%rdg+0.5%fs)I≥50 uA ±(2%rdg+0.5%fs)
AC+DCI≥5 uA ±(2%rdg+0.5%fs)I≥50 uA ±(2%rdg+0.5%fs)
PEAKI≥50 uA ±(2%rdg+2%fs)

Leakage voltage meter

Display valueRoot mean square



Memory group30
Test step99
Input power supply voltage220V±10%,50Hz
Import the memory file to the U disk, and export the U disk to the instrumentsupport
Export storage results to U disksupport
Standard interfaceRS232 interface, PLC interface


medical test machine,

medical testing device,

IEC test equipment